How To Stream To Multiple Platforms Including Facebook For Free Or Using A Vps

This will allow you to stream to every platform at once for free or using vps.





& all other platforms

Software we will be using.

  •  NGINX (windows)
  •  STunnel

Windows 10 or  Windows Server 2012 or 2016.

Vps only required if upload speed is slow to upload to multiple platforms.


Install Tutorial

Step 1 :

Download Nginx from here.

Step 2:

Download Stunnel from here.

Step 3:

Install Stunnel and Extract Nginx to desktop.

Step 4:

Open Windows Firewall .(here we need to allow ports to connect)

Do inbound first ,, i use 1935 for nginx and 19350 for stunnel  (u can use any )

Add these as new rules protocol TCP .

Repeat For Inbound rules.

Step 5:

Open Nginx config file this is located in the nginx folder /conf

Open file nginx.conf with notepad

Step 6:

Add Stream Keys to bottom of nginx.conf

u can add or remove platforms i just added the 3 we use , just stick to the format when adding more .


Step 7:

Go to C:\program files (x86)\stunnel\config\

Open stunnel.conf

Step 8:

Add this below to bottom of stunnel.conf (This enables us to stream to facebook)

client = yes
accept =
connect =
verifyChain = no
(if yo changed the ports enter the port instead of 19350)

Step 9:

Point obs to server ip

Streaming Service:

Custom Server: rtmp://<your server ip>/live

Stream Key: anything

It should look like this rtmp:// ( Hosting local form own pc) rtmp://<VPS IP>/live ( if using vps add vps ip )

Step 10:

Open Nginx.exe & Stunnel.exe

Step 11:

Test stream 


If u have followed all steps correctly u will be able to stream to multiple platforms

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