Posted on Jul 26, 2020

Sticky Paws


Title Sticky Paws
Genre: Casual, Action, Adventure
Developer: Jonnil
Publisher: Jonnil
Release Date: 1 Nov, 2019
File Size: 81.29 MB



Sticky Paws is a 2D platformer game about a cat that can climb anything! Sticky the Cat is on a little adventure to retrieve a cake that a mouse stole. Help Sticky through 8 levels full of dangerous mice. Go about the adventure however you like at your own pace. You can play single player, or you can play with up to 4 players simultaneously. There are many hidden goodies in these levels. Many things can be buried underground, so use your ground pound to uncover them. Find all of the Big Fish to fully complete a level. The level in the world map will become golden if you…


Minimum:OS: Windows 7, 8.1, or 10Memory: 2 MB RAMStorage: 100 MB available spaceRecommended:OS: Windows 10Memory: 6 MB RAMStorage: 110 MB available spaceScreenshots



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