Posted on Nov 1, 2020

Space Force Squadron


Title Space Force Squadron
Genre: Casual, Action
Developer: heyjeff
Publisher: heyjeff
Release Date: 21 Oct, 2020
File Size: 100.29 MB



The year is 2500 A.D., the earth was invaded by spaceships controlled by an A.I. The Space Forces manage to track the enemy HQ, and send the space squadron on a mission to end this invasion and thus save the earth. Space Force Squadron is a horizontal arcade-style 2d shmup game, where you choose between 4 pilots, with different attributes each. Defeating enemies earns you points that can be used to buy upgrades for the ships, and also to repair them when you fail a mission. Characteristics . Key Fetures:The game has 8 playable missions4 characters to choose…


Minimum:OS: Windows 7Processor: intel celeronMemory: 2 GB RAMGraphics: 64 VRAMDirectX: Version 7.0Storage: 250 MB available spaceScreenshots



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